iDance Party Tower Bluetooth Speaker with Light Show

The iDance XD8N Bluetooth party tower allows you to play your music straight from your mobile device, tablet MP3 or CD player, up to 10 meters away.


The disco ball projects colourful rotating light patterns on the walls and ceilings while the flat panel strobe UV displays effects to the tempo of the music, so you can enjoy a full disco light show whilst listening to your favourite tracks. Simply turn them all off for more a sedate ambiance.


The one meter high party tower consists of two 4 inch 7W driver speakers, LED lights and the disco ball. The LED patterns adapt to the music for a spectacular visual effect. 


  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Projects colourful spinning light patterns onto walls and ceilings
  • Disco ball with dual play mode including Strobe
  • Front panel light show with VuMeter
  • 2 x Microphone and 1 x Guitar input
  • Aux in input
  • 1 x microphone included